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Modern Art Bags was founded in the year 2014 to fill the gap between modern travel needs and affordability. We design and manufacture all our bags in Mumbai, India. Our products range from Backpacks(Casual & Professional), Office Bags, Travel Bags, to Accessories.
We offer bags with a modern design making you stand out in the crowd while ensuring features to fulfill all your daily travel needs.


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Great design & Quality
Their backpack completely exceeded my expectations with its build quality and thoughtful design. It is lightweight and has enough padding for shoulder straps and lots of pockets for keeping things organized! Love it.
Akshay Rane
March 15, 2021
Wonderful backpack!
Was hesitating to order from Modern Art but I must say their backpack is of unique design and its organizer slots are more than what I had thought.
Alex Chettiar
April 2, 2021
Quality Backpacks in Budget.
In this price range, it's a great and high-quality product. Lightweight, good material, and a zip that is easy to open and close.
Abul Kasim
January 17, 2021
Durable product at reasonable price.
I'm writing this review after using this bag for three months. I hold a lot of stuff in addition to my laptop, and I'm a tough user, and this bag is amazing and very high quality, and it looks fantastic in your hand. I've had a lot of people ask me where I got this pretty bag.
Shubham Singh
April 25, 2020
Good Product.
Love the design and the quality of the product.
Aslam Khan
August 28, 2020
Worth the money.
I was looking for a compact professional backpack, Amsden is the perfect one for me. Good for both work and one day travelling.
Sunil Yadav
December 16, 2020